A downloadable game for Windows

H1DayZ is a small First-Person Survival Shooter that challenges the player to last as long as possible.

This is one of my university projects created within a 3 week time span, it shows experimentation in audio, particle effects and raycasts. Thanks for taking a look!

Some assets within the game are from the assets store, such as the buildings, gun and zombies.

  • WASD to move the character.
  • Mouse to aim
  • Left click to fire
  • G to throw a bomb



  • Added self credit on main menu
  • Improved perfomance


H1DayZ v1.01.zip 104 MB


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I have the same gun in my game :)))) The Game is cool

Do you have any intentions on continuing to develop this? I love wave survival games and I think it was great potential.

I actually hadn't opened the project files for this game in about a year before putting this game up yesterday. Unfortunately this game will most likely not receive anymore additions, due to the nature of my university course I have to continue on with the next project/polish my last one (Shiba's Quest). Thanks for your consideration though!

ok! well im just gonna follow you around cause you're gonna make something amazing some day

Thanks! I appreciate it.